Intimate Island Inn


Authentically Jamaican

Coffee & Cocktail Lounge


85 Ballards Lane

Finchley Central

N3 1XT

Nearest Tube: Finchley Central (3min walk)

Buses: 13, 143, 125, 382, 460, N20


Venue Bookings / Enquiries:

Tel: 0208-343-0566



Tues - Thurs - 11.00am - 9.00pm

Fri - Sat 12pm - 2am


Happy Hour Mon - Sat 6.30 pm - 7.30pm


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Welcome To

Intimate Island Inn

Authentically Jamaican

Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge



85 Ballards Lane


N3 1XT


Tues - Thurs 12.00 pm - 9pm

Fri - Sat 12 pm - 2am


Happy Hour Mon - Sat 6.30 pm - 7.30pm



Kenny Charles & The Stomping Crew

Wednesday Evenings

Upcoming Dates:

Oct -17th

Nov - 7th, 21st

Dec -5th, 19th



Who We Are

Intimate Island Inn is an authentic Jamaican themed coffee & cocktail lounge. The interior boasts a unique tropical decor giving you that holiday feel, to brighten up your day when the UK weather is not so great. 

Need a coffee? Fancy a cocktail? No problem, relax on a comfy sofa or lounge chair and let us do the rest. Our incredible staff members will create the most wonderful tasting beverages in the area, making you feel just irie! 

Hungry? You'll love our 'dish of the day' style menu's serving a different traditional Jamaican dish daily. Or, pop down to  our popular Friday Night Jerk Nights - bringing you traditional Jamaican Jerk Chicken or Fish, especially if you don't fancy cooking for the weekend! 

You'll find traditional Jamaican beverages & snacks behind our bar that will make you feel just like you're on the island itself! Never been to Jamaica before - one trip to Intimate Island Inn and you'll know all about it! 

We pride ourselves on having Jamaican heritage and to enhance our authenticity hire Jamaican cooks and source the majority of our products from the island itself.  

Please note: We operate a 'no hats or hoodies' policy throughout the day and a 'no tracksuits' policy after 7pm. 

We serve...

We use the famous blue mountain coffee bean to create all our coffee-based hot drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes.

Jamaican blue mountain coffee

From the Blue Mountains of Jamaica itself...

Rising 7,402 feet above the sea, Blue Mountain Peak is the highest spot in Jamaica, and the fifth highest mountain in the Caribbean. The mists and lush vegetation give the peak and the surrounding Blue Mountains a greenish blue tinge. These mountains rise up above Kingston and dominate the eastern part of Jamaica. It is in these mountains, within an area legally proscribed by the Jamaican government, that the world’s best, and best known, single origin coffee grows.


In the world of coffee few coffee drinkers have tasted any estate or single origin coffee. The vast majority of coffee consumed is blended from commodity grade coffee. A lucky few have tried Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and know that the coffee’s origin makes a difference.

Exactly what factors in the soil contribute to the exceptional taste of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee are not known exactly, but if you are looking for a very rich, smooth, cup of coffee that is exceptionally well-balanced and is generally low in acidity, then Blue Mountain Coffee is definitely worth a try.


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